Book Review: Kiss of God- The Wisdom of a Silent Child by Marshall Stewart Ball

Precious, profound, and wondrous—these are the best words I can think of to describe the simply divine, touching poetry of Marshall Stewart Ball. Learning the circumstance of his life and writings one can not help but be amazed.

Marshall is proof that being able to speak verbally (or not) is no indication of intelligence. He began writing poetry at the age of 5 despite not being able to walk or speak due to significant (unnamed) developmental challenges. He uses a letter board to spell out his thoughts. His consistent message entices his audience to listen, trust in the Goodness that is God, tame our thoughts, and Love. He considers himself a teacher, and he is just the type of teacher this world needs most.

Kiss of God is a collection of Marshall’s earliest poems and letters that his mother had collected in large 3-ringed notebooks. Each message is short, thought-provoking, and powerful. I personally feel honored to have read and tell others about this little book of gems from young Marshall’s heart and soul. Having a very “limited” verbal, yet definitely thinking, child myself, I am inspired to continue my path towards learning RPM with him to further develop my son Jake’s communication system. I am already aware that regardless if Jake is ever able to fully express himself through words, he has many gifts to offer/things to teach me and the rest of the world. Each of us does. There are no exceptions, especially if we choose to see each other in that light.

Marshall is a perfect example. His poems share his awareness of the importance of the goodness his loving family and friends provide and share with him—it allows him to give even more in return in awe-inspiring ways. Gratitude, joy, peace, and a relationship with our loving, good God are all crystal clear in his writings.

Choices Are Yours

The now I give to a good thinker.

Go to feelings that give good to others.

You make the choice to think good or bad.

Real true thoughts go to happy givers.

Begin now to make good choices.

~By Marshall Stewart Ball