About us

It’s Me! My full name is Tara McClintick. I live in Ohio. I am married to Cliff McClintick, and we have two boys named Derek and Jake. Derek is 24 and Jake is 21. I feel very, very blessed.

I am an Early Childhood Special Education teacher. I received my bachelor’s degree from the University of Cincinnati. Two classes shy of finishing my master’s degree, I decided to discontinue due to unexpected circumstances regarding my youngest son’s development. At the age of two he began showing all the signs of what many refer to as severe autism. I knew he was going to require intense one-on-one therapy, and having my background I wanted to focus on this. I have worked with him since he was 3 years old using the Son-Rise Program, and it has been an amazing experience for both of us. We have both learned so much.

My other work experience includes teaching preschool classes in both typical and special education settings. After having my own children I provided home child care for other children as well. Each situation has been rewarding in so many ways.

I am passionate about all children, and I have total respect for the miraculous development process and the challenges today’s kids face in our fast-moving, stimulus-bombarding world. Working with Jake has taught me to how to slow down and take it all in as well as how to help him to do the same. I am deeply grateful that he’s helped me learn to appreciate and receive the blessings available to us all every day – challenges and all. To God be the glory. My hope is to share this inspiration with others.

I have found simple books and pictures to be one of the best interaction tools available. They help establish a mutual focus for making social connections. I have also found that there are a limited amount of simple books that aren’t too babyish. I created Tara Books to help fill that void. Thank you for your interest and God Bless you on your journey with that wonderful child in your life.


Tara is my name
I love just being me
I love to talk with God
I love that we’re all free

I love that we’re all different
I love to find new ways
I love to make new friends
I love to start new days

I love this beautiful world
I love morning, noon, and night
I love my home and family
I do not like to fight

I love to eat good food
I love when I feel strong
I love to play & laugh & goof
I love an awesome song

I love all of the colors
I especially like red
I love when things feel good
I love my comfy bed

I love sharing new ideas
I love talks from the heart
I love when things are funny
I love when I feel smart

I love to be encouraged
I love to learn and grow
And when I’m scared or confused
I love that God must know.

"I just wanted to tell you that I received the books from processing today and there were already holds on the newer titles that we didn’t have! I think my favorite of the four we didn’t have is The Sign Says NO, the rhyme is just adorable and I can’t wait to start using it with my groups."

Lorie, Children's Librarian

"Wow! We LOVE LOVE LOVE your Green book! The children were so able to relate to the photos."

Melanie, Our Place Preschool; Discovery Bay, CA

"Wow, how cool, kids with Autism would love these books!... I LOVE the books!.. I really dig what you're doing."

Jenn, Son-Rise Mom, Q102 Morning Show deejay (WKRQ FM Cincinnati), Ohio