Georgia is “a mom, psychologist, photographer, and lover of all things children.” She wants to see her two boys, ages 2 & 9, grow with Godly character and a healthy dose of self-esteem!  Located in South Africa, she blogs here about all of these subjects.  After winning the WATER book through a give-away featured by, Georgia decided to help spread the word about Books By Tara on her Love and Lollipops Blog.

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Artnavy describes herself as “The Modern Indian woman- Happily married, with kids, working & badly in need of a workout.”  Mom to Anushka (age 5) and Aditi (age 1), she blogs at her “About Time Now” blogspot about the joys of life with her beautiful girls. After winning a copy of the HOLES book as a monthly eNewsletter free book winner she featured a fun review on her blog about it!

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Marie, a mother of special needs children of her own, now runs a foster home for 7 children on the autism spectrum.  In her words, “some of these children have other issues such as Cerebral Palsy, Cortical Vision Impairment, Tourettes Syndrome, Seizure Disorder, MR the list goes on.”  Marie contributes structure and communication tools to their success of supporting the children in a home environment (vs. an institution).  Please visit her Dreams of Tomorrow Blog to read about the challenges and joys of living with children on the spectrum.  On the “about” page she welcomes your feedback and questions (so you can take advantage of her 26+ years of experience.)  I am a twitter friend with Marie, and she is not only an “autism expert” but also a caring advocate for the children and their unique needs. Click below to read her review of the books and see photos of some of the children enjoying them, including one 12-year-old child who had never been interested in books before! 

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I’m not sure how Joann finds time, but this super mom writes to share about “the days in the life of a large, Catholic, homeschooling family” at her Ten Kids and a Dog Blogspot.  After winning a copy of WATER, she shared with me that she would be posting a review of the book and the ways she used it to create fun learning discussions and experiences with her children.  Click below to read the review as well as learn some interesting extension activities that her children enjoyed after discussing the book.

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Pensive: adj. Engaged in deep thought.

“ is a place to read and relax, think about all that is going on in this world and maybe improve it.” These reviews were written by a father who reads regularly to his very young child, which to me is one of the most wonderful things a father can do.
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Kerry’s Kreations is a blog about her “life with the munchkin’ man.”  She spends most of her time with her little boy and enjoys watching him learn new things.  Visit her blog and read her review of Jack-O-Lantern here:
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Professional Reviews

Stanwood Playschool is written by Jacque – a wife, mom, teacher, housekeeper, and chef taking care of her two young sons in New Hampshire. She runs a home daycare and in her words “I love my job.” She and her two boys reviewed the Birds book in preparation for 2010 Blogmania Fun (the give-away is over now, but the Spotlight on Books By Tara is still worth reading! 🙂

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Besides lots of one-on-one home interaction therapy, diet and nutritional supplements have also made a huge difference in my son’s life. I continue to read and learn on this fascinating subject. Books by Tara is honored to be a Generation Rescue Community Sponsor. We applaud their efforts to provide support and information in this area to so many families, doctors, and specialists around the world. After requesting a few of the books to review, Generation Rescue featured a few of the titles in their October 2011 eNewsletter.

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is an online organization specializing in the placement and staffing of pediatric speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, school psychologists, and all their related assistants. Their newsletter is a wealth of free information for the professionals they serve. PediaStaff chose a California based organization called CARE Collaborative Autism Resources and Education – Dr. Jan Butz to field test a few of the books. The links to the reviews currently completed our below:

Click here to read review on HOLES by Cheryl Flores, Speech and Language Pathologist through CARE

Milk N’ Honey Learn and Grow was created by Shonda, a kindergarten teacher of twelve years turned stay at home mom.  Here she shares her expertise in supporting child development with a fun, faith affirming approach full of love and enthusiasm.  Visit this site for teaching and parenting ideas of all kinds. She is the first to review Birds, and I LOVE the photos of her precious 17 month old checking out his new book!

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Melitsa Avila created Raising Playful Tots – an Internet Radio Talk Show & Podcast dedicated to appropriate play in Early Childhood. She is a UK Primary & middle school teacher now turned stay at home “mum.”  She’s raising three full of fun boys in various countries as a military mom.  She shares tips and speaks with others about the early play years for modern educators and parents who value the traditional play experiences.

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Annette is a “teacher turned mommy/therapist” – formerly a 1st and 3rd grade teacher, Annette now home-schools her two preschool-aged children (ages 1 & 3). She has found her mommy job has unique challenges of its own including her children’s apraxia and seizures. From experience, she knows that the extra effort towards supporting her children’s language development is worth every beautiful new word J Check out Annette’s “Live, Learn, Love” blog about her family enjoying life together and read her review of WATER.Click on the following link to read her review:
Click to read review on WATER is a literacy-based preschool curriculum founded by Tara Rison. She is mother to three children. She has a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education and a Bachelor’s Degree in Developmental Psychology. She has taught in a variety of settings, including public and private schools, child development centers, and a community college. She is also the Director of Education at a NAEYC- accredited, Four Star center. Due to our shared passion in high quality care for young children and the importance of great children’s books, we excitedly exchanged goods. She now includes Books By Tara in her curriculum. Click on the following link to read her review:
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Dawn Little is a mother of two and the founder of Links to Literacy, an educational consulting company. She holds a Masters Degree in Education with an emphasis on curriculum and instruction, and literacy. She is a former teacher for 3-5yr. olds, and has worked with diverse populations and communities. She is an author who has presented on literacy topics both regionally and nationally. She has reviewed Books By Tara on her Blog “Picture This! Teaching with Picture Books” which focuses on the six traits of writing, reading strategies, motivation, and nonfiction.

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