“Two! Six! Fourteen! Twenty!
When it comes to numbers, there are PLENTY
Where are numbers? EVERYWHERE!
Do you know just WHY they’re there?”

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Support kids as they discover the world of NUMBERS!  There’s much more to it than simply teaching number recognition and amounts – those are important, sure, but that’s just a FRACTION of the number story! Noticing, thinking, and talking about numbers throughout our environment help expand proficiency. There are numerous ways numbers are used, and they are an important part of everyday life. Supporting number awareness helps children summarize what information those numbers represent. Numbers serve too many purposes to count, and provide more VALUE than most of us can easily comprehend! Explore the INFINITE world of numbers with kids and spark an interest beyond measure with the NUMBERS book….

All books are the same size (8.5 x 11”), 20 pages in length, and formatted in a similar style except when otherwise noted. For example, some books have sound effects written on pages, additional pages, or the poem throughout.


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