Guess the Sign

Guess the Sign


“Wordless signs are all around
They tell us things (it’s true!)
I like to ? what each one ‘says’
I hope that you do too!”

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Words aren’t always needed to convey meaning. A simple symbol or image can give us important information too. Looking around, we can find all kinds of wordless signs to think about –what and why they “say” what they do may not be fully realized until you take the time to think. Is it a message of safety? Rules? Instructions? Description? This book is full of 25 wordless signs to notice, reflect upon, and discuss. It is also full of interactive FUN!

All books are the same size (8.5 x 11”), 20 pages in length, and formatted in a similar style except when otherwise noted. For example, some books have sound effects written on pages, additional pages, or the poem throughout.


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