Communication and Education

So Really Most Have Reality Same As Mine

Story of My Life Pt.11 by Jake McClintick 2/7/19 Am surprised to realize about other people having same rotten thoughts as me. Lots good hate about not living life like they think other people might be doing. So hate that, not really truth! So relieved to learn that...

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Jake’s “Sometimes” Sentences via Letter Board

After our RPM sessions one practice exercise we sometimes end with is for Jake to complete sentences. For these sentences all began with the word "sometimes" (given starting phrase in bold print, Jake's words follow): SOMETIMES 1. Sometimes when I wake up I not happy...

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Killer Baby Powder vs. Immaculate Vaccines? (Product Safety Logic Fail)

I had a not so itty bitty disagreement with a nurse practitioner at Children’s Hospital. My husband and I made an appointment with our youngest adult son in attendance to go over his prescribed medications used to manage his intermittent explosive disorder....

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WANTED: Hope in Action Throughout the Special Needs Community

Parents of a child who has special needs will almost surely hear at one time or another, “Now you know your child will never [fill in blank.]”  These gloom and doom forecasts are meant to be helpful, I know.  They are meant to prepare us for REALITY. I used to get...

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A Fun “Make the Sound” Game for Preverbal Individuals with Special Needs

Persuading a child on the severe end of the autism spectrum to engage in verbal exchanges can be quite a challenge, and I’ve found that ENJOYMENT works better than anything else. I’m super grateful for the Dr. Seuss classic Mr.Brown Can Moo, Can You? My son, Jake,...

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