Killer Baby Powder vs. Immaculate Vaccines? (Product Safety Logic Fail)

I had a not so itty bitty disagreement with a nurse practitioner at Children’s Hospital. My husband and I made an appointment with our youngest adult son in attendance to go over his prescribed medications used to manage his intermittent explosive disorder. Intermittent explosive disorder  is an official (albeit ridiculously obvious) diagnosis which is a co-condition to his severe autism.

The explosive stuff began showing up big time in his pre-teen years. After years of minimal problems (he’s now 21), it had recently reared its savage head again. Before my fellow naturopath enthusiasts judge me too harshly, please realize I hate these medications! However, safety is always the priority -his and ours. My 5’3” self is no match for my 5’10” son’s intermittent explosive disorder.  The diagnosis itself speaks volumes, and after umpteen strategies of prevention and reasoning fail then one gets desperate!  I love him with all my heart.  When someone has the equivalent of a wild, angry tiger occasionally appearing without warning, it puts that person in the position between a rock and a hard place if you want the “tiger” kept safe.

My youngest son, Jake, is now 22 years old. Why did we take our adult son to Children’s? They have the most experience with the autism spectrum population and these pharmaceutical “answers” to my prayers.  God knows I’m grateful, despite it not being even close to the root cause healing answers I’ve been seeking since before my son was 2 years old. So, God, I trust there’s a reason. I will continue to seek Your guidance. I trust You know the larger picture. God knows my heart, and Love never fails so I go one day at a time and continue to believe God.

Anyhoo – back to the nitty gritty of my squabble with this kind, caring nurse. I mean that, she really seemed to be a genuine caring person. I only share because she represents the typical stance regarding vaccines:

Nurse: “We’re doing a cheek swab study, would you like to help us out? We’re collecting genetic information in hopes to develop better medications with less side-effects.”

Me: “Are you looking for possible genetics not being able to handle all those vaccines that our babies are getting?”

Nurse: “Oh, no, around here we do not believe that vaccines have anything to do with causing autism. It really is just very unfortunate timing.”

Me: “There’s no liability for vaccines, no safety testing for that accumulative schedule that has quadrupled since 1986 – its common sense that injected chemical concoctions might be harmful to some children, especially when we pile them on”

Nurse: “No, no I wouldn’t know about that, my kids got their vaccines a long time ago” Turns to my son, “We don’t know what could have caused your autism.” Turns back to me, and “It could have been anything!  My mother, she used baby powder religiously, and she passed from ovarian cancer….I didn’t know until years after she passed that it was the baby powder that could have caused her cancer. But vaccines prevent diseases! It scares me to think people wouldn’t get their children vaccinated!” Did I hear that right?  Baby powder can cause cancer but vaccines (chemical injections) can do no wrong?  Hello cognitive dissonance!

In the nurse’s mind:  Vaccines= immaculate, baby powder = dangerous killer.

In my mind:  Vaccines = a consumer product protected from liability via the 1986 National Vaccine Injury Compensation Act due to their potential to harm certain individuals.  This law protecting the vaccine industry eliminates the need for safety science and allows for more and more vaccines to be created and added to the CDC recommended schedule  without risk of financial loss should their product maim/kill, more profits to advertise their “life-saving and effective benefits” and more lobbyists to push laws that will further eliminate any free choice Americans have regarding vaccine refusal such as SB277 despite massive protesting. Baby powder = also a consumer product that can potentially harm some individuals. The difference is that the producing company can be sued should baby powder be proven to have cause harm/death. The baby powder industry must weigh the potential financial loss of being sued or having to issue a product recall.  The vaccine industry has no such concerns – vaccines are so revered that the government protects the industry.  Vaccines profits can continue to be made while vaccine safety concerns are easily minimized or ignored.

I share this discrepancy of viewpoints to illustrate how people who care for children are not always aware of all perspectives. It is important that we listen to each other with our logical minds. Our children depend on us to advocate for what is truly in their best interest. This requires we think, not just believe advertised messages paid for by the pharmaceutical, medical, or any other industry.

Genuine child advocates have their our own mission; we support child development as a natural and divine process. We’re here as appreciators and our mission is to support the development process to our best ability. Financial profits never steer true child advocacy. Our mission has nothing to do with blind trust in pharma. We recognize the value of individual viewpoints and minds, diversity, and the miraculous power of thought and process of making sense of the world around us. Doctors, nurses, government officials are professionals in their fields. People who care for children also have a professional responsibility to think through given information and call out what is harmful for some kids. The vaccine industry has hired many strong voices to establish legal protection for their products.

Child advocates do not have a product to protect….but we do need to protect our youngest “consumers” from products geared towards them that are not being made as safe as possible. They have no the choice in the matter and are depending on us.  As the CDC’s 2016-2017 report shows developmental disabilities are on the rise.  So is the CDC’s recommended vaccine schedule.

Why are parents and child advocates discouraged from taking a closer look?  Who are we blindly trusting to decide which vaccines are necessary and how many are safe?  Who are our children trusting?  Again, the children are depending on us to address vaccine safety concerns.

“You cannot be in the presence of a profoundly vaccine damaged child and not know that child could be your own.  And you cannot try to comfort a mother who has just buried a baby who has died from a vaccine…and not know that you could be the one standing over the grave. When it happens to your child, the risks are 100 percent.” ~Barbara Loe Fisher (Founder of the National Vaccine Information Center)


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