Book Review: The Secret Prayer

Book cover The Secret PrayerAuthor:  Dr. Joe Vitale

Fun to Read Factor: 10 out of 10

Value of Ideas: 10 out of 10

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by life? I do too. Prayer is our direct connection with God (a.k.a. Divine Love).

This is the type of book that inspires and helps re-prioritize state of mind and focus. I need that. Otherwise I get lost in the piling up of “things that need to be done” that pop up as tenaciously as dandelions in summer.

The Secret Prayer shares over 42 quick read chapters that illustrate various components of the three-step formula. This formula is free and available to everyone and anyone wanting to attract miracles.  Some miracles are too important to give up on, do you agree?

A Deeper Connection

I’ve been praying and seeking to attract big healing miracles since my youngest son’s diagnosis. I know through God all things are possible, I believe that with all my heart. I also believe that healing is God’s will for each of us. Divine Love never enjoys suffering. Since I’ve had the same healing prayer request for over 20 years now, I trust there must be a reason it hasn’t been answered yet. I’ve been following Vitale’s 3 recommended steps – God knows. Since the bible tells us “Seek and Ye Shall Find;” I’m going to keep seeking! This book takes an in-depth look at prayer far beyond begging and pleading:

Imagine for a moment waking up each day to the thought that you were wonderously made and that God was within you?

What would you attempt?
How would you present yourself to the world?
What would you release?
Who would you have a conversation with?
What would you create?
How would you change?

And lastly:  How would your prayers be different?

~ Dr. Joe Vitale

Dr. Vitale has an extraordinary gift for simplifying and making profound subject matter accessible. That’s a huge gift for individuals who feel pulled in a million directions. This book answers questions and doubts while illustrating just how miraculous this 3 step “secret” prayer formula is – whether we are aware of it or not. Sometimes it is a matter of shifting our focus. Sometimes we get in our own way without even knowing it.

Unanswered Prayers

If a prayer is seemingly not being answered, this book gives plenty of motivation to keep praying and seeking inspired action. What may seem like an unanswered prayer or a long delay may be for a higher good, and does not necessarily mean NO in the way a child might fear that answer. It may mean the best answer will be even better. It’s also possible there’s more to the journey before that destination can be reached. It can certainly be an opportunity to grow in faith and review our beliefs and corresponding actions.

The True Power Within: Conscious Focus

No matter how long we have prayed the same prayer, we always have a choice of where to focus our energy –  faith or fear. In my experience faith is way more fascinating, definitely more pleasant, and exceedingly more fertile path than the torturous fear route! The true test comes down to the nitty gritty moments of our daily lives, especially the more challenging ones.

Prayer is our conscious connection with our true power.  Transformation is dependent on the quality of prayer. Our thoughts and actions and resulting feelings reflect our Faith. Read The Secret Prayer if you want to refresh your prayer life. Prayer is our true power.

Now glory be to God who by his mighty power at work within us is able to do far more than we could ever dare to ask or even dream of – infinitely beyond our highest prayers, thoughts, or hopes.  Ephesians 3:20