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“Holes are mysterious,
Cause sometimes you don’t know
Just how it got there
Or what’s hiding below…”

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Kids are fascinated with holes. They want to poke. They want to put stuff in there. Watch a child and discover that holes are everywhere! Mysterious, useful, and fun – holes are just amazing. Found in nature and made by people, holes are a beautiful thing! Well…usually

All books are the same size (8.5 x 11”), 20 pages in length, and formatted in a similar style except when otherwise noted. For example, some books have sound effects written on pages, additional pages, or the poem throughout.

3 reviews for Holes

  1. Sherri, Kindergarten teacher

    My students love the Holes book and so do my kids.

  2. Odessa, Early Head Start manager

    I looked at the ‘Holes’ books and loved them. Our program serves pregnant women and children birth to three. These books would be great for language development and extension for older children.

  3. Pensive blog

    Holes is a picture book of holes, many different holes. Holes is a great learning tool for the little ones. The educational part of this book is promoting conversation about the pictures. My little one (2 1/2 years old) is just starting to get that the pictures are of holes. I have had this book for about a week and I am already seeing improvement from the little one. Holes is a very simple book, but it has great value in learning. I think that it is a book worth having.

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