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“Green bursts out each Spring
It’s the earth-friendly hue
Green hides through the winter
Evergreens staying true “

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What’s so GREAT about Green??? Lots!!! For one, it is the beautiful color of all kinds of plant life. Just look around…forests, jungles, fields, yards and gardens are filled with grass, trees, vines, and leaves of various shapes and shades of green. Some of our foods are green which can mean “good to eat”, or “not quite ripe”, or even “YUK!” if its starting to mold. Green can symbolize riches $$$, good luck, and even “GO!!!” Have you ever noticed that quite a few reptiles, insects, and birds are green as well? Hmmmm….wonder why that is??? Green is both earth-friendly and out of this world (think alien for example). This book features 23 pages highlighting mysterious, glorious Green.

All books are the same size (8.5 x 11”), 20 pages in length, and formatted in a similar style except when otherwise noted. For example, some books have sound effects written on pages, additional pages, or the poem throughout.

2 reviews for Green

  1. Melanie – Our Place Preschool

    Wow! We LOVE LOVE LOVE your Green Book! The children were so able to relate to the photos.

  2. Diane and Jeff, Jeff Gold Music

    Green” was a huge hit! (Especially with my wife). The package came and I was sitting at the kitchen table looking at it, and my wife walked in and literally took it out of my hands! She is a landscape painter and color is her life….she thought you did an amazing job! She really thinks your book is wonderful! (Very high praise from someone who is so very serious about color!) Her website is if you’d like to see some of her work…. Just wanted to let you know what a big hit it is and how much we are enjoying it!

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