Autism, Intelligence, Target, and Little Kid Stares

July 19, 2018

Jake and I had a nice discussion today (via letterboard and RPM) when I started asking him about the book we’ve been reading called “Out of My Mind” about a girl who can’t walk or talk fluently and the challenges she faces….you can see his comments on the paper below.

He was also able to discuss his anxiety from a trip to Target yesterday when we got sort of trapped in an aisle by other people who had small kids (in carts and walking).

I explained how little kids do stare cause they’re very curious, so we discussed that while he was sensitive to their stares it is a natural thing for kids to do. I was floored by Jake’s comments on the letterboard about his perceptions and feelings about their stares.

The whole time during this discussion he was giggling and getting nose to nose with me giving great eye contact all excited. I love that he is gaining confidence in trying to explain his feelings.(excuse my sloppy writing on these notes- I have to write fast):

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Here we decided to list things we know about little kids and why they might stare (I wrote ME and JAKE in front of each of our comments):

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