Red (Jake’s imagery Writing)

To end our RPM session today Jake chose to do an imagery writing exercise (as taught to us by Katie Masotti) where Jake describes something with his five senses. Just for fun, we are exploring the colors in this format, and red is the 1st color we tried.  (Click on links below to read Jake’s subsequent imagery color poems.)

I found his last thought very interesting, because his favorite color t-shirts he likes to wear are red.

Jake’s finish to each prompt is in bold:


I see red stop signs.

I hear most loud alarm.

I feel like can explode!

I smell love burning.

I taste like strong hot spice.

I think like red to have more power.

Jake McClintick is now 25 years old and has been learning to communicate using a letterboard since age 18. Learning the process of using a letterboard through the Rapid Prompting Method (RPM) was a gradual process that took several years. We are still working on expanding RPM and Jake’s confidence/skills beyond our “work sessions.”  Regardless, this low-tech alternative communication system has been an answered prayer for us both.

At the age of 22 he began expressing his very personal thoughts and feelings more fluently with me (his mom.) He is diagnosed with severe autism as well as intermittent explosive disorder. He has given me permission to share his story and our conversations. He continually expresses his desire to “find purpose” to his life…I hope his willingness to share will help others learn about this misunderstood condition known as “autism” that has so much to teach us all.