Have No Soft Deal

Story of My Life (#3) by Jake McClintick – October 19, 2018

Not happy my deal in life.  Most not mean to be hard, angry, and so aggressive.  I hate so much God making me have autism. Hate having so much bad thoughts.  Not sure really is a God.  Get not so mad because autism, get angry at myself for bad anger. Bad anger not acceptable. Most my anger is my own hate, not anyone’s fault. Might be angry at God. Not sure my soul has purpose in this life.  My anger is more a problem than my autism.

My life might not be so bad if I not so mad about everything. Maybe I not be mad at God so much. Might be my own problem I need to take responsibility for, I not sure how exactly to do that. Like to think it isn’t my fault I am this way.  To blame God my soul hurts. Anger such a bad feeling. Not pleased to share such rotten stuff.

Jake McClintick has a diagnosis of severe autism as well as intermittent explosive disorder. He is now 23 years old and has been learning to communicate using a letterboard since age 18. Learning to use a letterboard through the Rapid Prompting Method (RPM) was a gradual process that took several years. We are still working on expanding RPM and Jake’s confidence/skills beyond our “work sessions.”  Though we still need experience and practice, this low-tech alternative communication system has been an answered prayer for us both. At the age of 22 he began expressing his very personal thoughts and feelings more fluently with me (his mom), and it was his idea to begin writing “The Story of My Life” one day.  Click here to read his first entry to that story. The above is his 3rd entry he wrote about a month before his 23rd birthday.

Jake has given me permission to share his story and our conversations. He continually expresses his desire to “find purpose” to his life…I hope his willingness to share will help others learn about this misunderstood condition known as “autism” that has so much to teach us all..