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Bonding with Books – Words not Necessary

Generation is a wonderful resource for parents that provides information highlighting the biomedical roots and treatment plans for the symptoms of autism. Their recovery stories provide solutions and/or hope for a better quality of life for our...

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Providing for Autism: A Look into One Mother and Author’s Life

Greta Schraer is one of the professional nannies who blogs for – a national blog committed to providing resources for a strong, professional nanny foundation. This post features 5 intriguing questions regarding Tara’s insights about...

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Book Review: Son-Rise

a book review of Son-Rise by Barry Neil Kaufman Summary:  Son-Rise is a true story about Raun Kaufman, who as a child displayed all the symptoms and was diagnosed with severe autism. “Bears” and Samahria Kaufman had two daughters prior to the birth of Raun. Also...

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Books by Tara Help Autistic Children

This was written to introduce the books to the readers of - a blog that reviews and discusses books, games, and toys that are beneficial for children on the autism spectrum. This article is an informative, brief summary of how...

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Books – Connecting Beyond the Pages

Great picture books are one of the BEST tools for building social connections with children, including those most significantly challenged with autism. Written for the PediaStaff eNewsletter to share creative ways picture books can be used to build the...

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Is Autism Genetic? It’s NOT a Fight, It’s Our Future

Original Post May 20, 2009 at Is autism a genetic condition?   The scientific evidence definitely shows genetics are involved. The fact that males are diagnosed at a ratio of 4:1 to females points to a genetic piece. Identical twins...

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Autism: 10 Tips for Everyone

Original Post March 19, 2009 at You probably already know that autism is growing. A 6,000% increase, 1 in 150 children, 1 in 94 boys - the statistics are steadily rising. This is a journey we are all on, even though many are not aware....

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